How to be less nervous about a new job

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Starting a new job can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. It is entirely normal to feel nervous, especially if it’s a job you have really wanted or one that presents unfamiliar challenges. It might feel like stepping outside your comfort zone, where you need to prove yourself to your new colleagues while learning routines and tasks.

In this article, we will explore how, with proper preparation, you can manage your nervousness and feel less stressed in your new job.

Prepare yourself before the first day of work

If you’re feeling nervous about your first day of work, it’s wise to prepare a bit to reduce your anxiety. First and foremost, it’s important to understand what your new role will entail. This includes knowing the specific tasks and responsibilities you will have. By familiarizing yourself, you are likely to feel more confident.

It’s also a good idea to find out the dress code at work so that you can blend in more easily.

In addition to knowing your upcoming tasks, it’s beneficial to conduct some research about your new employer. Learn more about the company’s values, goals, and culture. Understanding the company’s vision can help you prepare for what is expected of you and how you can contribute to the organization.

What backgrounds do your boss and colleagues have? What is the workplace hierarchy like? Who will you be working with the most, and who are your key contacts?

You can also reduce your nervousness by visiting the workplace before your first day. Perhaps you can request a tour or have a coffee with your new boss.

First meeting with your new colleagues

You will likely meet many of your new colleagues on your first day at work. Seeing many new faces at once can feel overwhelming, dizzying, and a bit difficult to keep track of, but there are good ways to handle this.

Firstly, make sure you have practiced introducing yourself. Think about what you want to say about yourself and your background and be prepared to answer questions about who you are and what you will be doing at work. Having an icebreaker ready is always helpful if things feel awkward.

Another tip is to ask questions and start building relationships. Inquire about what your colleagues do, what they may find challenging or enjoyable at work. Find common interests and perhaps discuss hobbies. This shows that you are interested in becoming part of the team and can also reduce stress.

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The first weeks

You have prepared yourself and started building relationships. You are starting to settle in with the team, but you may still feel nervous during the first weeks. Here are some tips to help you cope with this:

Be patient with yourself

Give yourself time to adapt. Learning new routines and habits takes time, and it’s entirely normal to feel a bit uncomfortable and stiff in the beginning. If you can show initiative, maintain a good work ethic, and be serious about your tasks, things will likely start feeling better after a while.

1. Be open to feedback

Ask your boss and colleagues for feedback on your work and how they feel things are going. It can help you understand what is expected of you and what you may need to improve.

2. Build relationships

A supportive and secure network can help reduce nervousness and stress at work. Try to find common interests or activities you can do together after work. Take initiative and come up with ideas.

3. Set realistic goals

Establish realistic and measurable goals for yourself. Work towards these goals, and you’ll feel more productive and engaged in your work.

4. Take care of yourself

Take breaks and take care of yourself during the day. Try to do something relaxing during lunchtime or take a walk outside the office. Taking care of your physical and mental health can also help reduce stress and nervousness.

One day at a time

Feeling nervous before starting a new job is entirely normal, as it’s a part of adapting to a new workplace and a new role. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all the information and tasks you suddenly face. Perhaps making a list of your responsibilities and prioritizing them could help? Remember, not everything needs to be done all at once.

Try to maintain a positive attitude towards your job and workplace. View each day as an opportunity to learn something new and grow.

With these simple tips, you can hopefully feel less nervous about starting a new job. Remember that you are there to learn and grow, and each day is a chance to become an even better version of yourself in your new job.

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