Side Hustles That Pay Weekly

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Hey everybody, if you’re looking for side hustles that are going to pay you every week, meaning that you’ll have extra money in your pocket on a weekly basis, then this is the article for you. Because in this article, I bring you guys some side hustles that will pay you weekly. Some of them don’t require any experience, and some of them are no phone. Let’s go ahead and get straight into the details.


Cambly has been around for many years. Although I haven’t featured them on the channel in quite some time, one thing I appreciate about Cambly is that no teaching certificate, bachelor’s degree, or prior teaching experience is needed.

Earning Potential and Flexibility

This isn’t the case with many other tutoring companies I know of. With Cambly, you’re getting paid to chat. You can earn 17 cents per minute, which equates to $10-20 an hour on Cambly, and 20 cents per minute, which is $12 an hour on Cambly Kids.

So, this isn’t big money, okay? These are side hustles, not big earners. However, you’ll get paid via Paypal every Monday. You can tutor anytime, anywhere. They have students spread across the globe, so you can start tutoring at any time of the day based on your schedule. Work as little or as much as you like; there are no minimum hours ever.

Global Reach and Diverse Tutoring Experience

You’ll be helping people around the world build their English skills with one-on-one lessons. You might chat with a university student from Brazil, a marketing professional from Japan, and an English enthusiast from Turkey all in one day. So, this is definitely a great opportunity.

Independent Contractor Responsibilities

Of course, you’ll be an independent contractor with Cambly, so you’ll be responsible for your own expenses. As I always tell you guys, you can write off a ton of different expenses as an independent contractor. I’ve been meaning to write an article about this, but I just haven’t gotten around to it. But yeah, you can write off your internet service and tons of different things related to being an independent contractor. So again, you’ll receive payment on a weekly basis.

Payment Process and Thresholds

Whenever you’re owed at least twenty dollars (that’s the minimum payment threshold), you’ll be able to receive a payment. If you do not meet the minimum payment threshold for 60 days, you will be paid the full amount owed, and payment will be made through a third-party payment processor, which could be Stripe or PayPal.

2. Allegis Transcription Jobs

This is going to be a no-phone side hustle right here, and we’re talking about transcription jobs. Of course, I’ve featured transcription jobs on my channel many times, but this company right here, Allegis, I haven’t featured them in years, and they do pay weekly. I believe they pay on a Friday, but things may have changed.

Specialization in Insurance and Legal Transcription

They do specialize in transcription for the insurance and legal industries. Their work-from-home transcriptionists transcribe recorded audio files for some of the largest providers in the country. This means a sizable and steady workflow that satisfies transcription contracts of many types and sizes.

Flexibility and Earning Potential

You will be able to work how much you want to work and on your schedule, and transcriptionists with Allegis can expect to make between 13 and 20 dollars an hour. Of course, that’s going to depend on different factors, including how fast you type. They also offer fair market per page pay rates as well as access to an abundance of work with the expectation of significant growth for the foreseeable future.

Support and Development Programs

They also offer a quality development program to introduce standards and processes and a transcription community network with a discussion forum and a resource library and a transparent QA feedback program and an accessible support team.

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Skills and Requirements

All you need is fast and accurate typing and word processing, excellent spelling, grammar, and punctuation skills, proofreading and editing skills, aptitude for discerning challenging audio and accented speech, and processing and responding well to quality feedback.

You will need to be able to reliably meet established deadlines, and you do need to be available and willing to commit time to an initial quality development program and be able to meet per-week production minimums, have an up-to-date PC with Microsoft operating systems 10 plus antivirus protection, and Word 2016 plus. You will need high-speed internet, a foot pedal, and a headset, and an audio player for legal work, and proficient self-sufficient hardware and software use and maintenance.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Okay, so yeah, definitely go ahead and check out this company right here. I will put a couple of other companies in the description bar for you, but at least Allegis has been around many years, and they’re a pretty good company.

3. Slicethepie

So, the next side hustle is going to be Slicethepie. Again, this is something you can do anytime. They pay you to write reviews on new songs, fashion items, accessories, and commercials before they are released.

Reviewing Process

Your reviews go directly to unsigned artists and fashion designers to give them feedback, so you’re going to be helping find the best brands and artists to put forward for radio placement and other opportunities. Once you register, you will be sent a confirmation email, and you’re going to click the link in the email to confirm your account, and then you’ll be all set. So, once you’ve logged in, you’ll be asked to choose which category you’d like to review.

Reviewing Songs, Fashion, and More

If you’ve chosen music, you’re going to hit the play button and start listening to the track. You can start writing your review straight away, comment on what you liked, disliked, and be specific about the aspects of the track, whether that’s the vocals, instrumental rhythm, production. You’ll need to listen to at least 90 seconds of the track.

Once you’ve rated out of 10, you can submit, and if you’ve chosen to review fashion or mobile, have a look at the pictures and information on the product provided and comment on the design, material, whether you’d buy it, and then rate them out of 10 and answer any other questions. Once you’re happy, submit your review.

Earning Potential and Payment

You need to have a good internet connection, and don’t forget, you can also review on their mobile app. So, of course, you will get paid. As far as how much you’re going to be paid, I’m not sure about that. Your payment per review is based on your star rating and the quality of your review. You can earn more by submitting detailed, varied, and constructive reviews and well-written English.

The better your review, the bigger the bonus payment. And they’re encouraging scouts to leave detailed reviews, and they’re going to reward them for their time and their effort. And some categories will pay more than others, depending on what’s a priority, and they’re going to let you know what is paying more when you reach the category page.

Withdrawal Process and Payment Schedule

Earnings can be withdrawn via PayPal, and the minimum PayPal withdrawal is ten dollars. Payments take up to five working days to process, as they read all of your reviews before paying you. And generally, the payments are made on Tuesdays and Thursdays. If it’s been over five working days since you made your requests, please drop them an email. Of course, you can look at reviews and see what the average pay is, but again, this is a side hustle. I wouldn’t expect to make a whole lot of money doing this, but this is definitely something that you can have on deck for yourself, or even if you have teenagers or something like that, this is something that you can have on deck for them.

4. DeedCollector

This is a company that will hire you to be a courthouse researcher. Okay, so you do not need any experience for this, but of course, you will need to have a vehicle so that you can drive to the different courthouses and do the research.

Data Collection for Marketing Companies

Marketing companies nationwide are eagerly looking for data collected from mortgage documents. These documents are filed after a home is purchased or an equity line of credit is obtained. The documents are public records and are available at the courthouse free of charge. So, you can turn the free data into extra income.

Flexible Schedule and Income Potential

So, if you have a few extra hours during your daytime or weekly schedule, then your time investment could turn into extra income for you. You will be working independently within your own schedule and pace. You’re going to be using their computer or laptop to earn extra income and training with and collecting directly for top-notch market research companies. Most independent courthouse researchers average between $12 to $18 per hour. Your rate of pay is based on the number of records you collect and the speed in which you collect them.

Area of Coverage and Hiring Opportunities

They have an example right there for you. A new researcher, John Doe, collects 100 records in four hours at his local courthouse. 100 times 30 cents equals $30. $30 for four hours at $7.50 per hour. That’s not bad starting out. Better that you get, the faster that you type, you’ll be able to do this faster, and so you’re going to make more money. Okay, so they do have a list of areas where they currently hire, and so you’ll have to scroll this list and see if they’re hiring in your area. They’re not the only company that does this, but they are the company that I researched and that have been around for many, many years. But there are other companies, just make sure you do your research and make sure that those companies are legit.

Additional Information and FAQ

They do have a really good FAQ section. I highly recommend that you check this out. Of course, there are no startup fees. You can set your own hours, but of course, you will have to adhere to the hours of the courthouse as well. You will be paid via direct deposit. As an independent contractor job, so if you make over $600, you will get a 1099 the following year. Training will be provided to you via web. I recommend that you check out this section right here if you have any questions. I’m pretty sure the questions will be answered via this section right here.

5. Hotel Planner’s Reservation Specialist Opportunity

Hotel Planner has a side hustle where you can become a hotel planner reservation specialist, and you’re going to earn commissions anytime it’s convenient for you from the comfort of your home. They have 24/7 availability, so you’ll be able to get on and do this anytime that you choose to do this.

Commission-Only Opportunity

Now, you guys know I’m full disclosure on this channel, so this is a commission-only opportunity. Okay, so you will only get a commission if you actually book a reservation.

Application and Approval Process

After you register, you will need to fully fill out the application that’s going to include uploading an audio clip of yourself and an updated resume and a current driver’s license. And they’re going to review your application. If your application is approved, you will be sent a contract to sign. And once they’ve checked the contract for accuracy and countersigned it, they’re going to approve you for training.

Training and Account Setup

So then you’re going to log back into the platform, attend your training, and it’s going to teach you how to navigate the reservation system and how to help callers book hotels. Now, I did read some reviews, and they were saying that the training isn’t the best, so just be aware of that. So after training, you’re going to finish setting up your account, and then you’re ready to start taking calls.

Equipment and Requirements

You’re going to need high-speed internet, preferably with Ethernet, but that’s not a requirement. Chrome browser and an audio headset microphone. Apple headphones and a mic may work too. And again, you can sign in 24/7.

Payment and Compensation

Call volume is going to be based on your booking results and your service ratings, and based on your overall performance, you can expect to make $10 to $30 per hour doing this. Actual amounts will vary depending on your sales performance and call demand when you sign in.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

So I think that this is a decent opportunity. I like the fact that, you know, the people are going to already be calling in to book their hotel, so you are going to pretty much get reservations most of the time. So one thing I don’t like about it is if a call does not result in a booking, then you won’t be getting paid.


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