What should a CV contain?

What should a CV contain? The short answer is that a CV is a written summary of your education, your academic credentials and your professional experience and skills, with the aim of giving a prospective employer a quick summary of you when applying for a job. You can read the long answer in this article. What is … Read more

What Is A Certificate Of Employment?

What is a certificate of employment?

When you have applied for a job, been to an interview and finally received the positive news you were waiting for, it is time to formalize the employment. This takes place through an employment certificate (sometimes called an employment contract) between you and your employer that regulates the terms of employment. Read more in our article What is … Read more

6 General Rules For CV Writing

6 general rules for CV writing

For busy hiring managers, your resume is a summary of your career and often what determines whether you get an interview. If the job search is a journey, a brilliant CV is your passport. The basic principles of CV writing have remained the same for generations, but technological advances mean that more parts of the application … Read more

Personal Letter for Curator – Example

Personal Letter

You have come across a job advertisement for a curator position that would be a perfect fit for you. You really want the job, but you’re aware that there are many applicants, and most, just like you, will have the right qualifications and likely a lot of relevant experience. In this article, you can read … Read more

How to Write a Job Application

How to Write a Job Application

The most important thing when applying for a job is, of course, to write a really good application. It’s through a unique and professional application that you manage to stand out among the many other applicants. So, what exactly is a job application? You submit a job application when you’re interested in a specific position. … Read more