How to attract top talent to your company

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To continue growing, your company needs to attract and develop the right employees. But how do you as a leader make sure to distinguish yourself in the fierce competition for talent?

Hiring the right people is critical to driving development and success. Attracting the right people requires much more than just posting a job ad. A good start is to review your recruitment strategies. Here you will get tips that will help you attract top talent to your company.

Promote your employer brand

Just as you judge whether a candidate is right for your company, the candidate judges whether you are the right company for them. What makes your business unique? Why should the candidate choose your company over others on the market? It is important to convey this so that the candidate can create an image of what it is like to work for you. It’s not just about highlighting positive things about working with you in the job advertisement. You can advantageously use social media to show the company’s achievements or contributions to society at large. You can also let your employees tell you about how they think it is to work at the company, then encourage sharing on social channels.

We at Adecco can also tailor a solution that ensures your company’s brand is presented clearly in a variety of channels. In addition, we ensure that you reach the right candidates through targeted advertising. In this way, you both increase your brand awareness and attract top talent to your company.

Reach passive candidates

One of the big advantages of strengthening your brand is that you become more visible to passive candidates. These candidates make up 70 percent of the global workforce, so it makes sense to connect and engage with them. Ida-Maria Karlsson is a recruiter at Adecco and she and her colleagues work actively to contact passive candidates. She often looks for niche profiles that include everything from engineers to technical sales people. These are roles that require top-level skills and often the customer has applied themselves without success. Here it is important to be creative, says Ida-Maria.

– Today it is not enough to post an advertisement, we need to pull in different threads, get involved in different forums. Taking advantage of the candidates’ own networks is also a great way to get in touch with exciting profiles.

If you want help broadening your reach, we have extensive experience and extensive talent pools, which means you’ll come into contact with talent who aren’t actively looking for work. You save time and effort while securing valuable and “hidden” candidates.

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Focus on the right competencies

By top talent, we don’t just mean those with the “right” education. Competence and the ability to develop are becoming increasingly important. What kind of skills are required to succeed and grow with the role? After all, it doesn’t matter if a person can create perfect spreadsheets if, for example, they lack the ability to collaborate.

At Adecco, we apply a competency-based recruitment methodology, which means we match candidates based on the competencies selected as most important for the role. By competence we mean abilities, skills and attitudes used to achieve results, together with underlying dimensions related to both analytical ability and personality. This method has proven successful and increases the chances of finding the candidate who fits best into the team and who has the ability to grow with the role and the company.

Broaden your search

Diversity in the workplace is and should be a high priority at most companies today. A study by the Boston Consulting Group showed that, among other things, diversity strengthens innovation and resilience and leads to increased economic growth. To broaden your search and reach underrepresented groups, you need to think about which platforms and channels you currently use to reach out with your job ad.

By reaching out with the job ad in a variety of channels while ensuring that the text in the ad is inclusive, you increase the likelihood of a diversity of applicants. There are studies that point to how certain words can seem exclusionary to different types of groups, leading to fewer applications. To increase diversity and attract the best talent, you need to broaden your search and ensure your job posting is inclusive.

If you need help to broaden your search or review how you can design an inclusive job advertisement, we can support you with that.

Engage the top talent

Something that has proven to engage many applicants is targeted advertising in social media. By creating targeted ads and campaigns, you can reach the right candidates while strengthening the client’s employer brand. Ida-Maria says:

– We help companies be seen in a variety of channels by offering campaigns in social media where we reach the right profiles with targeted advertising towards a selected target group. In this way, we reach tens of thousands of candidates in a fast and cost-effective way.

In these campaigns, candidates take part in the advertising directly in their newsfeeds on Facebook and Instagram, but also via stories and Messenger. A modern way of advertising that appeals to the right target group. In addition to targeted social media ads, as previously mentioned, it is important to contact passive and interesting candidates. Here you need to be good at selling the position and the company to the candidate.

Do you want to know more about how we can support you in the work of attracting top talent? Fill out the form and we’ll get back to you shortly.

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