Career Guidance Activities for Students

In today’s fast-paced world, the journey from student life to a successful career is often filled with uncertainties and challenges. As students embark on this transformative journey, it’s crucial to equip them with the right tools, resources, and guidance to navigate their path effectively. Career guidance activities play a pivotal role in empowering students to … Read more

Video interview Tips: How to Master the Virtual Interview

Many organizations have changed the way they do business as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the adaptations is that many have moved from physical meetings to virtual meetings – including interviews. If you are not used to these types of interviews, it can be difficult to know how to prepare and succeed … Read more

How Much Does a Senior Physician Earn?

Do you want to know what a senior doctor earns? If you are considering a career in the medical profession, there are certain factors you should take into account before setting out on your path. In this article, you can read about what salary you can expect as a senior physician, which specialist areas bring more … Read more

What should a CV contain?

What should a CV contain? The short answer is that a CV is a written summary of your education, your academic credentials and your professional experience and skills, with the aim of giving a prospective employer a quick summary of you when applying for a job. You can read the long answer in this article. What is … Read more

The Top 10 Fastest Growing Careers in the Next Decade

The job market is constantly evolving, with new careers emerging and others becoming obsolete. In the next decade, technological advancements and changing market trends are expected to shape the fastest-growing careers. Whether you’re a student planning your future or a professional considering a career change, it’s crucial to stay ahead of these trends. In this … Read more